Andrea Kay is a savvy guest and valuable resource on the world of work in general and changing careers, in particular. As a nationally syndicated columnist and author of six books, Andrea is known for giving candid, practical advice that's sprinkled with her effervescent personality. She is tuned into what workers want when it comes to career satisfaction and advises seasoned professionals--as well as those just starting careers--on changing careers, job hunting and other workplace and career dilemmas. You name it, she's dealt with it. She has counseled employees in all types of professions at corporations, non-profits, as well as employees in government, healthcare firms and small businesses.

Andrea's experiences with people and their careers plus her direct, yet, caring advice and sense of humor, offer thought-provoking, up-to-date insight into why people want to change careers, obstacles they run into and how to overcome them, where to start, how to change when you're middle-aged, mistakes people make and how to find the time make a change.

She offers anecdotes and juicy quotes on career change--everything from the secret to getting an offer and how to know when it's time to change careers. She also covers other workplace and career topics such as getting along with people you can't stand, getting a raise, how to be prepared for and to cope with the unpredictable and to stay employable for the rest of your career.

Andrea is at home in live radio and television interviews. She has appeared on CBS several times and been featured on hundreds of television and radio programs across the U.S. and Canada and internationally on Reuters News in addition to being a weekly contributor on an ABC and CBS television affiliate morning news program. She is heard weekly on WGRR Radio and has also been a weekly contributor on a National Public Radio affiliate and hosted the live, call-in radio career talk show, "Ask Andrea." Andrea has been widely quoted and interviewed in national publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, Investors Business Daily, The Washington Post, Smart Money, Bloomberg Radio, Kiplinger Financial Magazine, Redbook, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Fox News and

  • "Every word out of Andrea Kay's mouth is gold...No matter who they are, or what their dreams may be, Andrea can find a way for people to navigate this crazy working world of ours."

    --Ellen McGirt, Money magazine
  • "She is bubbly, fun and a good talker."

  • “You are a great guest ... you know your subject, you're articulate, confident, authoritative. Yet have a sense of humor, and present challenges and solutions in a very concise and pragmatic way.”

    --Vicki St. Clair, KKNW, Seattle
  • Andrea is "Cincinnati's Best Career Counselor"

    --Cincinnati Magazine, 2002 “Best of the City” issue
  • "She's thorough, knowledgeable and tailors her advice to you; she's also mellow and easy to deal with, not paranoid that you'll misquote her or not plug her projects enough."
  • "Andrea was quickly able to answer listeners' questions and respond to comments."

    --News Director, WNKU
  • "I was channel surfing and I happened to stop on your interview on ICN6 TV. I was very down and in a bad place. Your logical words inspired me...your points got me thinking...through your information and inspiration I have secured a new position with a raise and better medical benefits. I never would have guessed that in this horrible economy I could have done that. Your presentation of solid information is outstandingly unique and refreshing in a sea of boring, rehashed presentations. Your attitude and approach is inspiring in so many ways. Thank you!"

    --Cable television viewer

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